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 JEGS is Family

Family always has been the top priority for Team JEGS.
When Jeg Coughlin Sr. began his drag racing career in the 1950s, the sport helped serve as a great outlet to bring his expanding family together. One by one, sons John, Troy, Mike and Jeg. Jr. came on the road with Jeg Sr., serving as young crew members and becoming a part of the NHRA family themselves.
The four boys all fell in love with the sport, cherishing their early memories with their family at race tracks across the Midwest. They all followed in their dad's footsteps, too, climbing behind the wheel of a variety of race cars.
Like dad, they were all successful too, winning multiple professional and Sportsman championships in many levels of drag racing. In 2014, Troy Sr. scored the 100th NHRA national-event victory for the family, and fittingly, dedicated the trophy to Jeg Jr., winner of so many of those races.
A third generation of the Coughlin family is now on the scene, joining their fathers and uncles at the race track. Family patriarch Jeg Sr. is still very much a part of the mix, serving as a vital consultant to his sons and grandkids.
While the JEGS High Performance business has blossomed under the leadership of the Jeg Sr.'s four sons, it's family that still takes precedence over everything else. Each of the Coughlin brothers has taken sabbaticals from the sport through the years to devote more attention to their home lives.
 JEGS is Business
JEGS Automotive Inc. started in small garage in Columbus, Ohio, simply as a way for Jeg Coughlin Sr. to find the best parts for his own hot rods. Before long, Jeg Sr. had begun helping his friends who were also figuring out ways to go faster and JEGS Automotive began to grow. Nowadays, JEGS has become a premiere source for high-performance parts for racing enthusiasts around the world.
When John, Troy, Mike, and Jeg Jr., became old enough, they took over the growing company and took it to new heights. Each son manages distinct areas of the business, enabling it to operate to maximum effectiveness.
JEGS High Performance has become a giant in the industry with one retail store, two call centers, and a massive distribution warehouse that delivers more than $250 million worth of products to automobile enthusiasts worldwide each year.
The third generation of the Coughlin family has already begun working at JEGS, learning the business to carry it into the 21st century and beyond.
 JEGS is Racing
Racing and family just seem to go together, as countless families participate in motorsports together across the country and around the world. It's no different for the Coughlin family, who have been racing together since the infancy of NHRA in the 1960s. Success on the racetrack has turned into success in business, setting the Coughlin family apart from the competition.
With a combined seven NHRA World Championships, 16 Division Championships, and 100’s of victories at both the national, divisional, and local level, it could also be argued that Team JEGS is one of the most accomplished racing entities in the 65-year history of organized drag racing.
John has competed in Pro Stock Truck, Top Dragster and Super Stock, while Troy Sr. currently races in the NHRA Pro Mod Series. Troy is closing in on his third NHRA Pro Mod Championship and Troy Jr. is currently racing in a variety of sportsman cars with his eye on NHRA Top Fuel.
Mike races in Top Dragster, and Jeg Jr. is renowned as one of the top drag racers in history, winning his fifth Pro Stock championship in 2014.
John has taken a step back from driving to aid his son, Cody, in his pursuit of a stock-car career. Troy, Mike and Jeg Jr., all spend time helping their children pursue their athletic careers, whether it be behind the wheel or on the golf course or on horseback.
 JEGS is Caring
The Coughlin family created the JEGS Foundation to benefit the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.
With 100 percent of proceeds going directly to cancer research, the JEGS Foundation already has raised millions of dollars. Team JEGS also has set-up mobile cancer screening centers at NHRA events and keeps the topic front and center with millions of racing fans each weekend with extensive signage on Team JEGS racecars and uniforms.