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JEGS Foundation: Racing for Cancer Research
The "Our personal experiences with cancer drove us to assist building awareness of the many faces of cancer and help to generate dollars through race earnings to advance cancer research. Thus, the motto 'Racing for Cancer Research'."

The Coughlin family features the JEGS Racing for Cancer Research ribbon on all race cars and uniforms to raise awareness. The ribbon may be a simple symbol, but it displays a meaningful sentiment. In 2005, in honor of Jeg Coughlin Sr., the "Jeg Coughlin Chair in Cancer Research" was also established to support internationally-eminent scholar who researches and develops therapies in the field of childhood cancer.

Knowledge is power. Cancer touches us all. Statistically, one in four people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. If you or someone you care for has been diagnosed with cancer, access important information, including the most current treatments and technology available, by visiting cancer.osu.edu or nationwidechildrens.org. You can also have questions regarding your cancer diagnosis or treatment answered by e-mailing cancerinfo@jamesline.com or by calling the James toll-free at (800) 293-5066 to speak with a health professional.

If you would like to make a gift to support The JEGS Foundation in the race against cancer, there are easy ways to give.

The James Development Office
PO Box 183112
660 Ackerman Road
Columbus, OH 43218-3112
Nationwide Children’s
Hospital Foundation
PO Box 16810
Columbus, OH 43216-6810

Your life & time are precious, your experiences invaluable. Contact a hospital or a health organization of your choice to find out how you can help. You can make a difference.

Meet the Challenge and participate in the fight by displaying your ribbon and getting involved. To order your JEGS Foundation Racing for Cancer Research Ribbon pin, decal or patch, visit jegs.com and you will find it under the JEGS Foundation section. 100% of the proceeds of the sales go to the JEGS Foundation Racing for Cancer Research.


Foundation Philosophy

Join Team JEGS - Get Involved

The National Cancer Institute (NCI),"the nation's investment in cancer research," supports scientific discovery and its application in clinical practice through NCI-funded research in the U.S. and around the world. By stimulating the generation of new knowledge and tools and encouraging collaborations among researchers in a myriad of NCI-supported initiatives, the NCI works toward its goal "to achieve a future when all cancers are uncommon and easily treated."

JEGS Foundation for Cancer Research is honored to be affiliated with two of only 39 nationally designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute at the Ohio State University, and the Ireland Cancer Center of University Hospitals Health System.

Racing for Cancer Research Video

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The James Cancer Hospital
and Solove Research Institute

660 Ackerman Road
P.O. Box 183112
Columbus, OH 43218-3112
(614) 293-3744


Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children's Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43205



Meet the Challenge

Get Involved
If you have been diagnosed with cancer or are caring for someone with cancer, access important information on the websites listed at right, or call toll-free to connect for the most up-to-date technology and treatments available.

Your time is precious, your life and work experience invaluable. Contact by telephone or internet either facility at right to see how you can help.

Donate Dollars
If you'd like to donate, direct your contribution to any facility as noted at above.

Order Your Ribbon Today
To order your Jegs Foundation Racing for Cancer Research Ribbon Pin, decal or patch visit www.jegs.com and you will find it under the Jegs Foundation section. 100% of the proceeds of the sales go to the Jegs Foundation Racing for Cancer research. 1.25 in. Pin: $4.99, 4 in. Decal: $1.99, Patch: $3.99

The Coughlin Family
Formed The JEGS Foundation to advance the need for cancer research. Our personal experiences with cancer drove us to assist in building awareness of the many facets of cancer and help generate dollars through race earnings to advance cancer research. Thus, the motto "Racing for Cancer Research."

Leading the Team Racing for Cancer Research
The Coughlin family is leading the charge, sporting the uniquely designed racing check awareness ribbon on all Team JEGS racing uniforms.

A Team United, On and Off the Track
The Coughlins' believe in meeting a challenge head-on. It is through their personal experience with close family members and friends who were touched by this disease, that the commitment was formed to establish JEGS Foundation for Cancer Research.

"Our family has been so blessed, forming JEGS Foundation for Cancer Research is one small way we can help others meet the challenge of surviving cancer."

Reaching out through the family-run businesses of Jegs Mail Order and Team Jegs Racing, the "Racing for Research" program offers others access to information on cutting-edge cancer treatments and an avenue to become involved to make a difference.

Types of Cancer
Cancer is a group of more than 100 diseases. Anyone can get cancer and any tissue can develop into cancer. The cells that make up the normal body have genetic mechanisms to control reproduction. Cancer begins when a cell mutates (changes), loses the ability for controlled reproduction, and begins to grow and spread.

Many environmental, chemical, viral, and personal factors may contribute to the change of a cell from normal to a cancer cell. Scientists have described the series of essential genetic steps that must occur for a cell to become transformed. This complex process may occur decades before a cancer is detected.

The Ribbon Defined
Each color within The JEGS Foundation Ribbon signifies a specific cancer respectively. The race design symbolizes our commitment and dedication of "Racing for Cancer Research." Click here to see the ribbon

Cancer Facts

  • Cancer can occur at any age, but mostly appears in people middle-aged and older.
  • Cancer causes more deaths in American children aged 1-14 years than any other disease.
  • One in three Americans will eventually get cancer.

A non-profit foundation with 100% of all donations going directly to cancer research.